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Luxurious products
to help you feel great and live well.
Luxurious products
to help you feel great and live well.


woman relaxing, slowing down, and enjoying wellness
Rest and Wellness: The Art of Slowing Down
You may not think that slowing down is an “art,” but in this fast-paced world of ours, learning how to...
Which Sauna Is Right for Me?
Adding a sauna to your home is an excellent way to add relaxation and wellness benefits to your everyday...
A person smiles as they observe their facial skin in a mirror. Infrared saunas can help you achieve more radiant, youthful skin.
Infrared Saunas and Skin Care: How to Achieve a Glowing Complexion
In the world of wellness and beauty, infrared saunas have been making waves as a new way to achieve radiant...
Close up on a person sitting in a sauna while wrapped in a towel. Schedule and lifestyle are important factors to consider when deciding the best time of day to use a sauna."
The Best Time of Day to Use a Sauna. When Should I Sweat It Out?
With a sauna in your home, you naturally want to maximize the benefits you gain from it. That invites...
Close up on a person eating a salad. Fresh vegatable and fruits like these are key to healthy eating before your sauna session.
5 Tips for Eating Before Your Sauna Session
When you step into a sauna, the main thing you want to focus on is unwinding. However, if you don’t...
Medium shot of a person seated on a couch under a blanket blowing their nose. A sauna's infrared heat stimulates the cells in such a way that helps combat viruses. That's why sauna use is good for your immune system.
Why Sauna Use is Good for Your Immune System
If you’re like most people, you can probably think of numerous reasons why a sauna is a great way...
Medium shot of a Clearlight Sanctuary Infrared Sauna. Saunas like these can accommodate multiple people which makes them great for sauna parties. This is just one of the ways to use your sauna in winter.
5 Best Ways to Use Your Sauna in Winter
Infrared saunas are a superb way to combat your winter woes, both physical and mental. So, as you contemplate...
Medium shot of a couple seated in their home. One person sits in an Infinity Massage Chair while the other sits in a cushioned chair. Infinity Massage Chairs are one of the wellness solutions you can bring home during the holidays to improve your overall well-being.
4 Wellness Gifts That Keep on Giving
What’s the best gift you can give during the holidays? Wellness gifts! Our suggestion: put the cookies...
Is Sauna Maintenance Hard?
Is sauna maintenance hard? Only if you have a high-maintenance sauna. The thing is that when you’re tasked...
Medium shot of a Red Light Therapy tower set up inside an infrared sauna. Red Light Therapy is a method that enhances sauna benefits.
Sauna Benefits: Everything You Need to Know
One of the most frequent questions we hear at Wellis New England is whether or not Clearlight® Saunas...

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