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Front view of a Jacuzzi Clearlight Sauna with its door slightly ajar. Leaving the sauna's door open for a few minutes after use is an important step in sauna maintenance.
Is Sauna Maintenance Hard?
Is sauna maintenance hard? Only if you have a high-maintenance sauna. The thing is that when you’re tasked...
Medium shot of a Red Light Therapy tower set up inside an infrared sauna. Red Light Therapy is a method that enhances sauna benefits.
Sauna Benefits: Everything You Need to Know
One of the most frequent questions we hear at Wellis New England is whether or not Clearlight® Saunas...
An infrared sauna sits on an outdoor patio in the daylight. Infrared vs traditional saunas remains a key topic as at-home saunas increase in popularity.
Infrared vs Traditional Saunas
As at-home spas grow in popularity, the question of infrared vs traditional saunas frequently arises...
Close up of a foot under the glow of a red light therapy device. A sauna with red light therapy can accelerate numerous wellness and healing processes.
4 Reasons to Get a Sauna with Red Light Therapy
In the lexicon of therapeutic physical treatments, a sauna with “red light therapy,” or RLT, may sound...
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Sauna Benefits You Never Knew About
In general, people’s understanding of saunas is limited to what they see in movies: steamy rooms containing...

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