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Auto Shipment Form

Auto Shipment Form

Save time and money by signing up for your spa products via Wellis New England’s Auto Shipment Program!
Enjoy the convenience of never manually ordering your spa products again!
Each shipment includes everything you need for twelve months of the Frog @ Ease System

Auto Shipment Form
Full Frog @ Ease System:
Fresh Mineral Water with SmartChlor™ Technology in one floating system! Blue Mineral Cartridge and Silver SmartChlor™ Cartridge snap together and float in the hot tub. Floating system includes a Jump Start shock packet and a 30 count bottle of @ease Test Strips
Auto Shipment Form
Replacement SmartChlor 3-pack:
The unique SmartChlor™ Technology slowly releases over 3-4 weeks. When the system flips over it is time to replace. 3 replacements per package. For use in any hot tub up to 600 gallons.
(3) 1 lb Di-Chlor
(3) 1 lb Non-Chlorine Shock
(3) 2-Pack Oil Eater Sponge

Only $507 once a year*

This is an agreement for the pre-arranged shipment of the full Frog @ Ease System plus the @Ease SmartChlor
Replacement Chlorine 3 pack and the 1 lb Di-Chlor, 1 lb Non-Chlorine Shock plus 2 Pack Oil Eater Sponge.

It is renewed automatically and ships out every twelve months.

Your subscription starts as soon as you subscribe. You can cancel anytime in writing to [email protected]
at least one month prior to next shipping date. Four month subscription includes shipping.

Never run out of spa chemicals again!

*In case of future price increase, you will be notified before we process your order.

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