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Luxurious products
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Why Sauna Use is Good for Your Immune System

Medium shot of a person seated on a couch under a blanket blowing their nose. A sauna's infrared heat stimulates the cells in such a way that helps combat viruses. That's why sauna use is good for your immune system.

If you’re like most people, you can probably think of numerous reasons why a sauna is a great way to relax and de-stress after a long day. What you may not know is why sauna use is good for your immune system. As we journey into the heart of cold and flu season, know that a sauna — especially an infrared sauna — can be one of your most reliable allies. 

Why Sauna Use is Good for Your Immune System… and So Much Else

An infrared sauna offers many of the same benefits as a traditional sauna by allowing you to experience the therapeutic effects of heat but with much less humidity. This happens because the infrared waves penetrate your body to raise your core temperature first as opposed to the surrounding air.

By bathing in an infrared sauna, you subject your body and mind to a variety of possible benefits including:

  • Pain relief
  • Stress reduction
  • Improved cardiovascular and respiratory health
  • Increased metabolism
  • Detoxification
  • Better sleep

All of these benefits become especially useful when we’re battling sickness. For all the times we feel achy, congested, or sleep deprived, a sauna can contribute some much-needed relief. For more information on these benefits, read our blog Sauna Benefits You Never Knew About.

A Fever Simulator

One of the most important functions of your immune system is to raise your core body temperature when it detects a virus. When your body temperature is high, viruses struggle to survive and are more easily fought off. As we mentioned in our blog How Hot Tubs Help with Cold Symptoms, this is why the cold and flu viruses so often come with a fever. It’s your body’s way of combatting the illness.

Think of an infrared sauna as a fever simulator. It emulates your body’s response to viruses by raising your core temperature for a short time and, thereby, makes it easier for your body to fight off the sickness. 

One of the main reactions this “fever simulator” kickstarts is the increased production of white blood cells. White blood cells are often referred to as your immune system’s “first line of defense” in fighting a virus. When you introduce more of them into your bloodstream, you’ve done the equivalent of filling a building with more security guards walking the halls in an effort to detect an infiltrator (i.e., a virus). 

Another way infrared saunas help boost your immune system is by expressing heat shock proteins (HSPs) within your cells. The HSPs’ function is to reorganize and stabilize the matter within your cells when injury or illness compromises them. The result is a heightened immune response that can accelerate your path to recovery.

Fight Illness. Prevent Illness. Be Well.

With this knowledge, why not take some time out of your day for yourself and relax in an infrared sauna? Not only will it provide you with deep relaxation, but it will also give you an extra layer of protection against viruses that are especially prevalent in the New England winters. By practicing regular sauna bathing, your body becomes accustomed to the process of raising its temperature. This helps prepare your immune system for when it needs to fight off a virus or infection. 

Whether you’re just trying to stay healthy during cold and flu season or want an extra layer of protection when dealing with serious health issues, regular sauna use may be the perfect solution. 

Where to Buy an Infrared Sauna

Wellis New England is Brookfield, Connecticut’s, premier source for Clearlight® far infrared and full spectrum saunas — the cutting-edge of sauna technology. Contact us or visit our showroom today. Whatever your wellness goals, be they boosting your immunity or relaxing in thermal luxury, our staff will guide you through our selection of sauna models accommodating anywhere from one to five people. 

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