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Luxurious products
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Wellis New England FAQ Page

Hot Tub Ownership FAQ

Ownership of your Wellis Spa or Swim Spa should be a delight from the moment you decide to make the purchase. That’s why Wellis New England is committed to providing you spa ownership and maintenance education as high-quality as the products themselves. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions from our spa customers.

Once you’ve purchased your hot tub, we schedule a delivery date with you and provide a delivery timeline document detailing what you and your designated, licensed electrician need to do and when.

On Hot Tub Delivery Day…

1. We’ll notify you of an approximate arrival window.
2. Deliver the spa to the desired level location in your home.
3. Unwrap, clean, and inspect the spa.
4. Assemble your spa steps and cover lifter (if included in your purchase)
5. Explain basic spa functions and review your “first fill up” procedure.
6. Explain the procedure for your first water test and in-store demo/tutorial.
7. Take pictures of the delivered spa and have you sign off on the delivery.

Hot tub maintenance is pretty easy. The key to a long-lasting and enjoyable hot tub is the regular application of some essential items according to a schedule.

To keep your hot tub looking and feeling its best:

  • Test water chemistry frequently, adding more chemicals as needed to maintain a balanced pH level.
  • Rinse the filter cartridges monthly. Every other month, soak them in a cleaning solution and, then, rinse clean.
  • Cartridge filters should be replaced every 12-18 months.
  • Keep clean, balanced water regularly circulating throughout the tub and its plumbing.
  • Drain the spa and perform a deep surface clean three to four times a year.
  • Always cover your hot tub with a spa cover when it’s not in use.

For more information, read our blog, Is Hot Tub Maintenance Hard?

The fastest and easiest method to drain a hot tub or spa is to use a sump pump and a hose.

Alternatively, you can drain the water from your hot tub via the drain outlet. In this case, be sure to do so in accordance with environmental standards.

To drain your spa via the drain outlet, follow these steps:

1. Find the drainage port and unscrew the cap.
2. Screw on the metric intermediate piece that came with the spa.
3. Twist the larger receiving part counterclockwise as much as possible.
4. Pull the receiving part towards you. This will draw water through the port and drain the spa.
5. After the spa is completely drained, remove the metric intermediate piece, and reapply the cap.

Choose a sturdy, level spot for the hot tub with easy maintenance and repair access in mind. Make sure there’s enough space around the tub’s perimeter for people to comfortably move around and access the equipment.

If you’re thinking about placing your hot tub indoors, choose a flooring material that will allow water to run off effectively, and include a floor drain to avoid any potential damage from overflow, overfilling, or technical failure.

To install your hot tub outdoors, you need a strong horizontal foundation. We advise consulting a qualified professional like a building contractor or structural engineer to help you determine if the foundation can hold the weight of your full spa (water and occupants). See the question below “How do I prepare my spot for delivery?” for more information on foundations.

Limit your spa’s exposure to direct sunlight so as to preserve the acrylic surface and machinery.

Wellis hot tubs require a dedicated 220V/50A service line. Swim Spas require 240V and draw between 53A and 60A.

For liability reasons, Wellis New England does NOT do any electrical wiring. However, we’re happy to recommend an electrician for you if needed. In any case, we provide a comprehensive list of electrical parameters your spa setup must adhere to upon purchase.

Connect your Home Transmitter to your router. Then, you can download the in.touch 2 app to your mobile device and control your spa remotely.

To use your in.touch 2 app, go to the WiFi settings on your mobile device and select the same WiFi network that your spa’s Home Transmitter is connected to. Once your device confirms the connection, you can control your spa from anywhere in the world with a reliable internet connection or cellular network.

A durable base is the most important preparatory element you need to add to your spa environment. Acceptable bases include spa pads, pavers, and blue stone provided they lay flat. Our top recommendation is to construct your base with a 4”-6” thick concrete slab that measures at least 10’ x 10’.

Also, be sure that all four sides of the hot tub are easily accessible for proper maintenance and service.

When you purchase your spa from Wellis New England, we provide you with a kit that includes all the start-up chemicals you will need. Plus, we provide you with a Chemical Cheat Sheet indicating the types and quantities of chemicals and sanitation supplies you need to balance your spa water. Each of these items are available at Wellis New England and they qualify for our Autoship Program, which you can sign up for at any time.
Click here to sign up for Autoship.

Specifically, the Chemical Cheat Sheet tells you how to apply of the following:
  • Spa Metal Out
  • Spa pH Up/Alkalinity Up
  • Spa pH Down
  • Frog @ Ease
  • SmartChlor Cartridge
  • Calcium Hardness
  • Spa Shock/ Oxidizing
  • Shock
  • And More

FROG @ease system is a unique floating spa sanitizing system into which you insert the FROG @ease SmartChlor Cartridge. Once your spa is filled with fresh water, balance the water according to the water balance guidelines. Then, assemble the cartridges and the floating system according to the packaging instructions. Toss the assembled unit into the hot tub water. It will float at a slight tilt as the chemicals diffuse into the water.

At Wellis New England, we love the @ease system because it makes water care so easy! The FROG slowly distributes chlorine to your tub all month long, so you don’t have to manually add powder chlorine every other day. When the floating system does happen to need your attention, it makes you aware by flipping itself upside down. The silver chlorine pack lasts about 3-4 weeks, and the blue mineral pack lasts about 3-4 months, depending on your spa gallonage.

Depending on the model, Wellis Spas are operated through one of three control panels to navigate your spa’s main functions:

  1. Easy 4 – in.k300TM Compact Full-Function Keypad
    • Operated with push buttons. Uses a digital screen to display spa functions.
  2. Easy 7 – in.k500 Intuitive Color Keypad
    • Operated with push buttons. Uses an intuitive color screen to display spa functions.
  3. Smart Touch Touch Screen Keypad
    • Operated with touchpad icons. Uses a color screen to display spa functions


Download Quick Reference Guide here:

Easy 4 – in.k300TM Compact Full-Function Keypad

Easy 7 – in.k500 Intuitive Color Keypad

Smart Touch Touch Screen Keypad

Your spa comes with preset filter cycles. If you need to make changes, you can access the Water Care section from your control panel and select the filtration and heating settings that work for you. Choose from five different settings that each utilize a unique level of automated, cycled filtration to assist in your water care practices.

Wellis Spas includes a wide variety of stellar features into a spa’s design to enhance every aspect of your experience. The CityLine, PeakLine, and MyLine each contain a unique suite of standard features ranging from shoulder & headrests to water features to sound systems.

For a complete guide on what features are included in each line, view our Standard Features Guide.

At Wellis New England, we provide maintenance and repair services on all hot tubs and swim spas that we sell. Additionally, we provide you with all the start up chemicals you’ll need, education on how to balance your water, free water chemistry testing, and all in-and-out-of warranty service work.

The manufacturer offers a host of warranties to the original purchaser of the spa when invoiced and delivered. We at Wellis New England can provide warranty and claims support during your ownership. Manufacturer warranties include:

  • 10-year warranty on the spa shell structure
  • 7-year warranty on the spa shell surface
  • 3-year warranty on the spa cabinet
  • 3-year no-leak plumbing warranty


For a complete list of manufacturer warranties, visit

As the leading hot tub manufacturer in Europe, Wellis Spas creates a luxurious experience through elegant designs, superb performance, and innovative features – all made with premier materials and manufacturing processes that meet a 21st-century standard of excellence.

We at Wellis New England pride ourselves on being the first Wellis-branded showroom in America and Brookfield, Connecticut’s one-stop-shop for Wellis products and services. In addition to our impressive inventory, customers have access to numerous perks including 10% back on all chemical purchases for participating in our customer loyalty program.

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