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Is Hot Tub Maintenance Hard?

Two swimmers sit in a Wellis hot tub on a deck outdoors. Keeping water flowing through a tub like this is one of the key topics addressed through the question "Is hot tub maintenance hard?"

“Is hot tub maintenance hard?” This is one of the first questions we hear from prospective buyers at Wellis New England. Often, it’s said with a pinch of apprehension. But don’t worry. Just because it’s a luxury hot tub doesn’t mean it will require any extravagant time or effort on your part to maintain it.

All you need for successful hot tub maintenance are a few basic items and a keen eye on your calendar. 

Is Hot Tub Maintenance Hard? A Beginner’s Guide

Too often, people get intimidated by the thought of caring for their hot tub. Between the financial cost and the time commitment, they wonder if they’re up for the challenge. The truth is that hot tub care doesn’t take nearly as much time or money as most people initially suspect.

Remember that it’s not a pool. A pool is a seasonal amenity and is usually much larger in size. That means it will sit dormant for several months with only winterization chemicals and equipment making contact with its surfaces. 

A hot tub, however, is not as cumbersome as a pool. Furthermore, you can use it all year long thanks to its temperature control features. The smaller scope coupled with the more frequent water circulation gives hot tubs a competitive edge when it comes to staying clean and sanitary. 

There are just a couple of points to keep in mind as time marches forward. Practice them with diligence, and you’re more likely to avoid the true drains on your time and money.

Keep the Water Circulating

The key to keeping your hot tub performing its best is the regular circulation of clean, chemically balanced water. Therefore, be sure that you’re always stocked with spa chemicals and testing supplies and apply them in the appropriate amounts. Next, let that clean water make its way through the tub and plumbing simply by using it on a regular basis. Your spa will have preset filtration that you can run during non-peak utility hours for extra savings. Whether your hot tub is in use, or the cover is on, the filtration will keep your water moving throughout the day.

With the treated water making regular trips through the filtration system during the regular eight-hour cycle, you prevent contaminants from building up in the water. In that way, your hot tub behaves like your computer. If you tell it to synthesize too much stuff at once, it won’t perform as well. That’s why shorter, regular runs of your spa are better for hot tub maintenance.

Sanitize and Clean According to a Schedule

Like every other item in your household, the occasional cleaning will be in order. Spa chemicals will help you keep the water sanitized, but it, alone, can only go so far. Therefore, plan on draining the hot tub and performing a deep clean three to four times a year.

Here’s the great news: all you need is a one-to-one mixture of water and white vinegar for a disinfecting solution! It’s a gentle, all-purpose cleaner you can apply to the shell, seats, and jets. You can also use a system flush cleaner before you drain the water to loosen any contaminants in your pipes. Follow the product directions for application.

During this stage, also remove your filters, and spray them down thoroughly with a garden hose. If any build-up remains, spray a filter cleaner into the folds and rinse them off with water. Then, refill your spa, and proceed with your regular hot tub use after the water warms back up.

Hot Tubs for a Luxurious Experience and Easy Maintenance

As you can see, hot tub maintenance does not need to be a complicated task. Simply keep your supplies and your calendar in sync, and you’ll enjoy many years of rewarding soaks. 

For all those times you use your hot tub, clean it, and other times in between, the expert staff of Wellis New England is at your service to answer your questions. Contact us or visit our showroom today, and we’ll show you just how simple and rewarding hot tub maintenance and ownership can be.

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