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Luxurious products
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Can I Use My Swim Spa in Winter?

Medium shot of a swimmer in a swim spa surrounded by a wooden deck. When wondering "Can I use my swim spa in winter," the answer is yes if you keep warm, balanced water circulating through it.

If you’re planning to surprise a special someone with a swim spa this year, you’re likely to hear this question immediately after the ecstatic shouts of joy: “Can I use my swim spa in winter?” It’s a reasonable question. It would be a shame to sit through those cold winter days having a swim spa but not being able to use it. 

Thankfully, a swim spa is usable even in the middle of the New England winters that cover your backyard in snow and bitter cold. The key is to develop winter-healthy habits for you and your swim spa. 

“Can I Use My Swim Spa in Winter?” Well, Why Not?!

At Wellis New England, the question we prefer to ask customers is, “Why not use a swim spa in the winter?” Between the low-impact exercise and the hydrotherapy, swim spas are an exceptional resource in pursuing a number of wellness goals. Some of their most pronounced benefits include:

  • Temporary muscle and joint pain relief
  • Improved circulation and cardiovascular health
  • Enhanced respiratory health
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Reduced stress
  • Better sleep

Swim spas, like hot tubs, are usable even on the cold, dark days of winter thanks to the regular circulation of warm, balanced water. The catch? Proper use. But don’t worry. We’ve gathered some tips on how you can make sure you and your swim spa stay in peak shape during the winter.

Do Regular Equipment Checkups

In order to protect your swim spa and its plumbing in winter, get in the habit of looking equipment over before and after your session. Make sure to check all components such as filters and pumps to ensure they are working properly. If there are any issues, have them fixed quickly before they can become worse due to the cold temperatures.  

At Wellis New England, we provide service on all the spas we sell, so feel free to contact us should you notice anything amiss with your swim spa’s components.

Don’t Forget About the Spa Cover

It’s vitally important to maintain your swim spa cover at all times, especially in the winter. A well-maintained cover helps keep the heat from escaping and can protect against debris and animals entering the unit. Before you remove your spa cover, make sure to clear it of any snow, ice, or debris. If you try to lift the cover without cleaning it off first, you run the risk of damaging it, which can result in less protection for your spa.

Adjust the Water Temperature Based on Your Activity

Usually, 100 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit is a good water temperature range if you’re relaxing or playing in your swim spa. If you’re using it for a workout, remember that your core temperature will rise the more you exercise. So, if you start to feel too warm, lower the water temperature accordingly.

Dress Appropriately

When getting into your swim spa during winter, make sure you dress appropriately. A wet suit can be a good choice for retaining body heat while swimming. For extra comfort, keep a hat, a warm robe, and waterproof boots nearby so that you won’t get too chilly when you exit the spa.

Transform Your Winter with a Swim Spa

Whether you’re pursuing physical fitness, stress relief, or relaxation, a swim spa is a remarkable ally against the cold and winter blues. Contact us at Wellis New England, and we’ll introduce you to our selection of luxury swim spas. When you’re ready to bring one home, we’ll give you everything you need to start your ownership journey right, including delivery and your first batch of chemicals. You’ll love every second in your swim spa this winter!

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