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Luxurious products
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How Using a Spa Provides Joint Pain Relief

Close-up on someone's feet in the rolling water of a hot tub. A hydro massage in warm water is a good way to reduce joint pain in your spa.

Our bodies endure so much that requires joint pain relief: repetitive manual labor, sports injuries, and, in many cases, chronic conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. As a result, we seek a host of remedies ranging from medication to physical therapy to diet changes. But how often have you granted yourself the benefit of a good soak? The hydrotherapeutic environment of a spa from Wellis New England very well may help you achieve a level of comfort in your joints that you haven’t felt in a long time. 

As a general rule, you should always talk to your physician and/or physical therapist prior to any joint pain treatment. In the meantime, here is how a spa provides joint pain relief. Mention them to your health care provider on your next visit to see if a spa is right for you.


More and more, people are turning to water immersion as a treatment for a wide variety of mobility-related conditions from minor joint pain to partial paralysis. Why? Human buoyancy factors make it so that people immersed in water experience significantly less gravitational force on their bodies. 

In other words, when you relax in a spa, you reduce the weight put on your joints, allowing them to move more fluidly and with less pain. This is just the thing for sore or arthritic knees, hips, and shoulders. 

But did you know that a spa can also deliver a joint-friendly workout? A Wellis® swim spa, for example, allows users to program the water flow in the swim spa to various intensities – from a gentle float to a high-speed exercise mode. This adjustable environment is a great fit for water aerobic exercises that focus on strength building. When underused muscles are strengthened, the demand on their companion joints decreases. So if your goal is relieving joint pain in a spa, check in with your muscles to see if any of them would benefit from some hydrotherapy.

Soothing Heat

How often do you crave a hot shower after intense exercise or a long day of yard work? Pretty often, right? That’s because fatigued muscles and joints know what’s good for them: warm water. 

Spas are singular in their capacity to deliver warm, hydrostatic pressure that helps soothe the whole body. Soaking in warm water helps reduce joint inflammation and improve your circulation by dilating your blood vessels. The more blood flowing through your circulatory system, the more nourishment your entire body receives, which is something your joints will thank you for. 

Also, keep this in mind the next time you go to the gym: your body produces lactic acid when you push your muscles to their limit. A warm soak in the spa helps your body break down that lactic acid, thus making it easier for you to recover and avoid excessive stress on your joints and muscles.


A spa’s crowning feature is its massage jets. The massage jets in a Wellis spa are specially configured to target different combinations of muscle groups in each seat. And when stiff muscles are addressed, stiff joints are as well.

Let’s say you want a gentle massage to help decompress your shoulders after a stressful day at work. A rotating jet will apply lighter pressure over a larger area to help loosen your upper back. Or, perhaps, you prefer a deeper, more intense massage around your aching knees and calves. The fixed jets provide a higher-pressure flow to a more focused area.

Whatever your preference, a well-orchestrated hydromassage with the appropriate heat will leave your joints feeling much more relaxed and mobile.

Pro Tips for Joint Pain Relief In Your Spa

Joint pain relief in your spa doesn’t happen without water, both the kind you soak in and the kind you drink. If you are dehydrated before or after using your spa, your muscles will consequently work harder to recover, and your joints won’t decompress as much. So don’t put that soak session to waste by skipping step 1: drink plenty of water.

Finally, check out our selection of Wellis spas. Then, contact us at Wellis New England so we can help bring you one step closer to a reinvigorated you! With a spa that provides joint pain relief, you’ll feel so much better each day.

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