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Luxurious products
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Quality of Life: How Hot Tubs Benefit You in Different Life Stages

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The wellness and quality of life benefits that hot tubs offer to adults are well known, but what about every life stage? Can a hot tub have benefits no matter the age of the user? Let’s go over how hot tubs benefit every life stage from childhood to retirement.

Kids, 5-12

You could start benefitting from lifelong hot tub use even starting as young as five years old. Hot tubs, on the surface, seem more like a fun family playtime for youngsters, although mentally and emotionally this is a health benefit too. Enhanced social skills and bonding with family and friends are vital for healthy child development.

While your family enjoys a soak together, playing with water toys and word games like 20 Questions, your children can also reap an array of impactful benefits.

  • Improved sleep quality: Take a soak before bedtime.
  • Boosted immune system function: Keep those childhood colds and flu at bay.
  • Increased sensory stimulation and exploration: Watching toys float and splashing in the water makes for natural exploration and testing scientific methods, all disguised as playtime.
  • Fun and enjoyable activity that encourages outdoor playtime: Fresh air, sunshine, and less screen time? Yes, please!
  • Improved cognitive function and brain development: Hot tubs naturally prompt conversation, which allows your kids the opportunity to ask questions and get answers.
  • Reduced muscle tension and soreness: After a long day of play, kids benefit from hydrotherapy too.

Kiddos aged four and under should probably wait until they are a bit older before they take a soak in the hot tub. Their bodies are still learning to regulate their temperatures. However, you can keep them involved by sitting on the edge with them in your lap, feet in the water, and practicing kicks together.

Teens, 13-19

Ah, the teen years… a mix of the best and worst times of your life. This is the age most people make some of their dearest friends, earning cherished times and memories through favorite extracurricular activities. But it’s also riddled with uncomfortable body changes like pimples, growth spurts, and fluctuating hormones. There is also the added stress of more challenging schoolwork and, later, deciding where to go to college. There’s the pressure to conform with your peers and make some pretty big decisions concerning your future, yet you’re still being treated like a kid who doesn’t know anything. It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin!

The biggest benefit hot tubs offer to the teen’s life stage is stress relief. Whether your teen just needs to take a moment to themselves or you’re both in need of some catch-up time, a hot tub with warm, swirling waters may be the ideal place of solace for an overwhelmed teen. Hydrotherapy can also help with bodily aches and pains that accompany puberty, like shin splints and cramping. Teens involved in sports can particularly benefit from hot tub use. Encourage them to take a soak after a grueling practice or as a warm-up before the big game. It’s never too early to learn about muscle recovery.

While hydration is pertinent for hot tub use at any age, for kids and teens alike, always be sure to keep them hydrated while soaking in the hot tub. 

Young Adults, 20-25

After all the crazy that is the teen years, there’s nothing like entering the world as a fully-fledged young adult. Time to take your newfound independence for a spin! However, independence comes with a slew of unfamiliar responsibilities. Learning to juggle adulthood comes with its own stressors, from graduating from undergrad or graduate school to getting your foot in the door of your dream career to finding your own place to live (whether you rent or buy a home).

Investing in a hot tub during this life stage is a perfect choice, as it will benefit you both physically and mentally. A hot tub is a great place to recover after school or from a long day at your first real adult job. And if you get an entry-level plug-n-play hot tub, it can easily move with you wherever this time of transition takes you. 

Family and Career, 26-45

Fully into the adult years, working and raising a family is probably center stage. With it comes the demands of long days, busy schedules, and running from meetings to extracurricular activities. It’s a beautiful time of transition but can be stressful at the same time.

What you need is a place to spend undistracted time with your growing family while also having a haven of rest for yourself. The right hot tub is key to making the most of each day. Connect with your family, relieve mental stress, minimize anxiety and depression, and support a healthy night’s sleep. You can find it all with the right spa.

The Middle Years, 46-55

Starting to “feel your age”? When did your back start to feel so sore? Why are you so winded after doing something you used to do all the time? Growing pains don’t stop in the teen years — they just come in different forms down the line. This is the life stage where things start to settle down. At this age, you may find yourself asking, “Now what?” It may seem easy to fall into “midlife crisis” mode, but this settling time is actually a blessing in disguise. After so many years of having to be on the go all the time, you deserve to relax. Take a deep breath and wind down. 

Routine hydrotherapy will ease those new aches and pains, provide stress relief from work, and a space for some mental me time. And now that the kids are older, you can find a new way to spend time with them. Or, it’s the perfect way to have an instant date night at home with your partner. Cherish the settle-down time. You’ve earned it.

The Golden Age, 56+

Ah, at last, the golden years. You’ve really got the hang of settling down now. Maybe you’re about to retire, and now your beautiful children are having children. Invite the grandkids over for a soak. Hot tubs are also fantastic for low-impact exercise, improving range of motion, reducing inflammation, and providing pain relief for achy joints. 

A hot tub can benefit you at any stage of life. Whatever stage of life you’re in, you’re sure to find the Wellis® Spa you need at Wellis New England. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a test soak. 

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