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Luminary™ Syner-D®

Lean back into pure relief in the Infinity® Luminary™ Syner-D® massage chair – the perfect harmony of luxury and performance. Your personal sanctuary treats your entire spine to a soothing massage with the unique Flex-Track design, expertly blending L- and S-Track coverage from your neck to your legs. The Syner-D system takes customization to the next level, with dual mechanisms working in sync across various contours, providing a tailored massage experience.

Pamper your lower body with Complete Calf Kneading™ and Triple Roller Total Sole Reflexology, turning every session into a soothing oasis. Boasting advanced engineering that replicates the synchronized movements of two skilled massage therapists, you can create targeted massage from your neck to your glutes. Take charge of your relaxation with TrueFit™ Body Scanning, an intuitive touchscreen, voice commands, premium Bluetooth® audio, and more. With MyMassage™ Memory and the Infinity Control feature, you can craft a program tailored to your preferences.

Beyond its undeniable comfort, the Luminary is a beautiful addition to your home, offering Zero Wall Fit™ for space-saving options. Elevate your self-care routine, embrace daily tranquility, and make the Luminary from Wellis® New England your personal retreat for comfort and rejuvenation.

Original price was: $15,999.00.Current price is: $12,999.00.

Luminary™ Syner-D® Overview

  • Syner-D® tandem back massage mechanisms mimic two therapists for customized full-body relief
  • Flex-Track combines L- & S-track stretching and spinal decompression
  • Syner-D dual massage systems work together for multi-contour coverage
  • Complete Calf™ kneading rejuvenates lower legs
  • Triple Roller Foot Rollers provide reflexology
  • Intuitive touchscreen control with advanced programming
  • Infinity Control enables customized massage tailoring
  • Sophisticated, deluxe physical design with space-saving Zero Wall Fit™ technology
  • Cutting-edge therapeutic performance capabilities
  • Daily self-care that elevates overall wellness
  • Advanced technology, including wireless charging, USB charging port, chromotherapy, voice command, air ionizer, Bluetooth® speakers and SootheMe™ audio, MyMassage™ memory, Truefit™ body scanning,
  • Zero Gravity Recline

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