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How to Decorate Around Your Swim Spa

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Are you looking to spruce up your backyard? If so, you may be wondering how to decorate around your swim spa. Luckily, there are many creative ways to make your swim spa area both functional and aesthetically pleasing. By incorporating different elements such as plants, seating, and lighting, you can create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere that will make your swim spa the focal point of your outdoor space. Let’s explore some ideas on how to enhance your swim spa area.

Decorate Around Your Swim Spa

Create an Outdoor Fitness Space

A swim spa’s primary purpose is fitness and recovery, so many spa owners’ top choice is to create an outdoor fitness space around their swim spa. It’s like having a gym in your own backyard!

Place different kinds of fitness equipment and tools next to your swim spa, so you have a variety of workout options to choose from. Put up shelves to neatly store things like exercise mats and dumbbells. Adding shade to the space with a patio cover or pergola can also keep you cool on hot days when you work out. 

Another fun idea to really enhance the space is to set up an outdoor smoothie bar! A rollaway cart would serve great as a portable smoothie prep station, storing fresh fruits and veggies plus cups and straws. You’ll probably also want to keep a mini fridge nearby to hold ice and cold drinks like coconut water (which can be used both in smoothies or as a refreshing after-workout drink).

Use Potted Plants

Need a little fresh greenery around your swim spa? Potted plants are an easy, non-permanent way to decorate around your swim spa and really spruce up the space. And if you get tired of where you originally set them up, a simple rearrangement can transform the area!

Flowers provide a burst of color and energy, while ferns and potted palms give a tropical feel if that’s what you’re going for. You can choose some of your favorite plants or change them up every year. Oh, and the smell! The fragrance from the flowers and soil is sure to create a calming, soothing environment, perfect for a swim spa soak.

Plus, you have a wide range of decorative pots to choose from to complete the look. Will you go with old-school terracotta? Or something modern, sleek, and contemporary? It’s up to you!

Find Complementary Patio Furniture

If you’re done exercising and soaking in your swim spa but aren’t ready to head back inside, sitting on some patio furniture is a great way to extend your time outdoors. Or if you have family or friends who want to chat with you without getting in the swim spa with you, they can just hang out nearby in a lounge chair.

Hang Up String Lights

While most swim spas come with LED lighting installed, hanging up string lights around your swim spa will brighten up the space that much more. String lights are great for extending the hours your spend outside in your swim spa, and add an extra level of safety, helping you to see in the dark.

They are a classic choice for backyard movie nights — providing a soft, relaxing ambiance. And they add a romantic glow for at-home dates with your partner.

Plus, it’s such an easy way to decorate around your swim spa. All you need to do is hang them on your deck railing, limbs of trees, or pergola slats, and you’re golden!

What Not to Do When Decorating Around Your Swim Spa

There are some things to keep in mind when decorating around your swim spa, though.

No Nailing

Do not nail or attach anything directly to the outside of your swim spa. This will damage the shell and potentially lead to cracks and leaks in your swim spa down the road.

If you must attach anything, attach it to the deck surrounding your swim spa (if you have one). If not, just avoid it altogether.

No Painting

Do not paint the cabinet of your swim spa. It is designed to withstand the outdoor elements — it doesn’t need a coat of paint to protect it. Besides, Wellis® swim spas come with a variety of shell color options, so it will already come in a color you chose and like. If you’re looking to add color, follow our recommendations above and do it with potted flowers and LED lighting.

Enhance Your Outdoor Space with a Swim Spa

No swim spa to decorate? We can help with that! At Wellis New England, we have an exclusive selection of Wellis Swimline swim spas available for you to discover. Contact us or stop by our showroom in Brookfield, CT, with any swim spa questions you may have. 

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