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Luxurious products
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Hot Tub Lighting: How to Create the Perfect Ambiance

hot tub lighting set to the blue setting

When it comes to creating the perfect soak in your hot tub, lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood and enhancing the overall ambiance. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing and tranquil experience or a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, the right lighting can transform your hot tub into a sanctuary of bliss. Let’s explore the importance of hot tub lighting and provide you with tips on how to set it up to create the perfect soak every time.

Understand the Benefits of Hot Tub Lighting

Wellis® hot tub lighting serves multiple purposes beyond just illuminating the water. It can enhance safety, improve aesthetics, and influence your mood and relaxation levels. Here are a few key benefits of investing in the right hot tub with the right lighting.


Adequate lighting around your hot tub area ensures you can move around safely, especially during nighttime soaks.


The right hot tub lighting can create a soothing and inviting atmosphere, promoting relaxation and stress relief.

Visual Appeal

Strategically placed lights can enhance the beauty of your hot tub, making it an attractive focal point in your backyard.

Mood Enhancement

Different lighting colors and effects can stimulate specific moods, allowing you to customize your soak based on your preferences.

Choose the Right Hot Tub Lighting Options

Underwater Lights in Your Hot Tub

Gorgeous Wellis Spas are designed with submerged lights in the water, providing a mesmerizing glow from beneath the surface. LED underwater lights are a popular choice due to their energy efficiency, vibrant colors, and long lifespan.

Surrounding Lights

Another way to add lighting to your hot tub is to hang or install lights around your hot tub area to create a soft, ambient glow. Wall-mounted sconces, string lights, or solar path lights can be used to illuminate the surrounding area and enhance the overall visual appeal.

Color-Changing Lights

Opt for lights that offer a variety of colors and the ability to change between them. Color-changing lights allow you to set the mood according to your preferences or even create dynamic light shows.

Set the Perfect Lighting Scheme

Relaxing Retreat

For a calming and tranquil experience, choose warm and soft lighting hues like blues, purples, or soft whites. These colors promote relaxation and can help reduce stress and anxiety.

Romantic Getaway

Set the mood for a romantic evening by opting for warm, dimmed lighting with a touch of red or pink tones. Candles or flickering LED lights can add an extra romantic touch.

Party Vibe

If you’re hosting a gathering or simply want an energetic atmosphere, go for vibrant and dynamic colors like greens, yellows, or blues.

Personal Preferences

Experiment with different lighting options and colors to find what works best for you. Remember, everyone’s idea of the perfect soak is unique, so feel free to get creative and find the combination that brings you the most joy.

Learn More About Hot Tubs at Wellis New England

Hot tub lighting is an essential element in creating the perfect soak experience. By understanding the benefits of hot tub lighting and selecting the right options, you can transform your Wellis Spa into a haven of relaxation, romance, or entertainment. Experiment with different lighting schemes, colors, and effects to find what suits your preferences best. With the right lighting, you can elevate your hot tub experience and enjoy countless blissful moments of rejuvenation and serenity.

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