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Wellis is the premier hot tub manufacturer in Europe & is now bringing their high-end hot tub experience to America. Learn more & find out why you should have a Wellis swim spa or hot tub for your home.

You’ll discover how our hot tubs represent a modern form of relaxation, combining therapeutic hydrotherapy with a sleek and luxurious design, providing a revitalizing escape from the demands of daily life. Their soothing warmth and massaging jets create an oasis of tranquility, promoting both physical and mental well-being.

Wellis New England E-Books

Guide to Living the Hot Tub Lifestyle

The hot tub lifestyle is not just one of relaxation, it is also a mode of entertainment, rehabilitation, and improved wellness. 

Hot Tub Wellness Benefits

Regular use of a Wellis Hot Tub offers multiple health benefits, particularly for those with arthritis or chronic pain, as the warm water and jets alleviate sore muscles and joints while improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation. The buoyancy of the water provides a low-impact exercise option suitable for injuries or mobility concerns, helping lower blood pressure and enhance sleep quality, subsequently reducing the risk of heart disease and promoting overall wellbeing.

Hot tubs offer dual advantages for mental health alongside their physical benefits, as the combination of heated water and massaging jets creates a serene environment that alleviates stress-related issues. Engaging in hot tub hydrotherapy fosters relaxation, tension release, and a sense of community, enhancing overall mental well-being, making Wellis Spas an appealing choice for stress reduction and mood improvement.

Maximizing Your Hot Tub Benefits

While a single session in a Wellis Hot Tub offers various advantages, following a thoughtful routine before, during, and after soaking enhances benefits for optimal results.

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