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Luxurious products
to help you feel great and live well.
Luxurious products
to help you feel great and live well.

Clearlight Sanctuary Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas

Clearlight Sanctuary Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas offer the ultimate at-home sauna experience that is designed for beauty, safety, and effectiveness. These saunas deliver both near and far infrared light to offer a wide range of benefits. Reach your peak performance levels or simply rejuvenate your body with the addition of your very own at-home full spectrum infrared sauna.

Discover Our Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas

Sanctuary 1

The Sanctuary 1 model is perfect for a single person dedicated to health and healing.

120V/1750W Power / Full-Spectrum Infrared Wavelengths / Seats 1 / Mahogany or Hypoallergenic Basswood / Low EMF & ELF

The Infrared Sanctuary 1 Sauna is the perfect size to accommodate one person at a time. Utilize the healing effects of near, mid, and far infrared waves to detoxify and cleanse your body. Enjoy your sauna bathing experience with beautiful furniture-finished wood and comfortable seating.

Sanctuary 2

The Sanctuary 2 Sauna is ideal for the health-conscious couple looking to improve their overall health and well-being.

120V/2250W Power / Seats 2 / Mahogany or Hypoallergenic Basswood / True Wave™ Infrared Heater

Make your sauna time a couples activity with the two-person Sanctuary 2. Allow the full-spectrum infrared waves to complete their healing work as you relax with your partner. Choose from luxurious Mahogany or Hypoallergenic Basswood for your complete health and wellness experience. Also use the LED Chromotherapy lights for extra health benefits.

Sanctuary 3

For the small family looking for the ultimate health experience, the Sanctuary 3 model provides a little more room for sauna bathers looking for optimum health.

240V/2800W / Seats 3 / Mahogany or Hypoallergenic Basswood / Full-Spectrum Infrared Wavelengths / Ergonomic Bench

The Sanctuary 3 Sauna provides more room for sauna bathers with all the benefits of the full-spectrum of infrared wavelengths. This sauna also boasts an ergonomic backrest and reversible bench. Improve your health in the sleek beauty of Mahogany or Hypoallergenic Basswood. And keep your smart devices charged with a built-in audio charging cabinet.

Sanctuary Y

The Clearlight Sanctuary Y model has enough room for you and your health-conscious friends.

240V/3360W / Seats 4 / Built-In Smart Device Charging Cabinet / Low EMF & ELF

If you’re interested in teaching others about the health benefits of your infrared sauna, then the Sanctuary Y might be the model for you. This model can accommodate four people to receive the warming benefits of the full-spectrum infrared waves that the Sanctuary Y offers. So invite your friends and family to experience the goodness in your very own sauna.

Sanctuary C

Need your personal, in-home sauna to fit in a corner? The Clearlight Sanctuary C model is what you need.

240V/3220W / Corner Design / Seats 4 / Mahogany or Hypoallergenic Basswood / Modern Glass Roof

Utilize your home and all its safe well with the Clearlight Sanctuary C model that’s designed to specifically accommodate a corner space. With seating for four, you’ll enjoy inviting your friends and family to join you for a sauna session. Boost wellness and find pure relaxation with the Clearlight Sanctuary C.

Sanctuary Retreat

The Clearlight Sanctuary Retreat model is spacious and handicap accessible!

240V/3610W / ADA Compliant / Removable Benches / Mahogany or Hypoallergenic Basswood / Built-In LED Lighting System

For all the wellness seekers in your home, the Sanctuary Retreat Infrared Sauna provides ample room and also provides wheelchair access. Being ADA compliant makes this sauna great for everyone. With this model, you can be sure to provide the healing benefits of the infrared sauna to everyone.

Check Out Our Additional Sauna Options

The Clearlight Premier Far Infrared Saunas have a classic design and provide all the healing benefits of far infrared energy, which penetrates deeply into the skin to boost muscle recovery and more.

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