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Luxurious products
to help you feel great and live well.

Massage Chair Terminology Explained

Woman sits slightly reclined in a black Infinity Massage Chair. Exhibited here is massage chair terminology such as "leg rest" and "recline."

How is your knowledge of massage chair terminology? What if you approached your luxury massage chair like you did your car or computer and learned the key terms associated with its operation and maintenance? At Wellis New England, we know you would enjoy your chair more and for a longer period of time, so we have lined up important terminology for you to review when purchasing and using an Infinity™ Massage Chair. Let’s define some of the most important terms for a successful luxury massage experience.

  • Roller
  • Massage Roller Track
  • Shoulder Airbag
  • Leg Rest
  • Recline


If you sit in a massage chair, you’ll know what the rollers are without needing words because they do most of the massaging. They are the wheel-like components attached to motorized arms within the chair’s interior. In an Infinity Massage Chair, you can adjust the intensity with which the rollers press into your back using the accompanying remote control. 

Massage Roller Track: S-Track and L-Track

The roller mechanisms are affixed to a track that runs along the user’s back. There are two variations of tracks within Infinity Massage Chairs meant to address different parts of the body:

  1. The S-Track makes contact with vertebrae from the neck down to the tailbone.
  2. The L-Track addresses the same area as an S-Track and extends to the gluteus muscles and hamstrings.

An easy way to remember the different track lengths is this: S = Shorter and L = Longer. This is especially important to keep in mind when you are shopping for your massage chair. The last thing you want is to spend money on an S-Track chair when your goal is to relieve a stiff lower back and tight hammies. 

Shoulder Airbag

Yes, massage chairs contain airbags. But don’t worry. They are not the exploding, high-impact kind. Rather, these airbags gently inflate to help stabilize the user as the rollers apply pressure to the user’s back.

Massage chairs, in general, contain one of two shoulder airbag styles – one that inflates just from the sides and another that wraps up and around the user’s shoulders as it inflates. In either case, the user is effectively hugged in place for the most comfortable, effective massage. Infinity Massage Chairs give you the capacity to adjust the level of the shoulder airbag inflation and, thereby, adjust the intensity of the massage.

Leg Rest

No massage is complete without addressing the feet and calves that hold you up and take you everywhere all day long. Therefore, if you are going to invest in a massage chair, make sure the chair’s leg rest technology is on par with what is taking care of your back.  

Infinity Massage Chairs use airbags around the calves to help release tension and stabilize the feet. Meanwhile, rollers meet the soles of the feet to deliver a reflexology massage. If that isn’t impressive enough, the length of each leg rest is adjustable so as to accommodate users of different heights.


The word “recline” tends to evoke images of your grandfather’s worn-out game day chair. However, the recline feature in an Infinity Massage Chair redefines that imagery with something much more advanced and uplifting – literally!

Depending on the model, an Infinity Massage Chair reclines to various positions, thus promoting different health benefits from vertebrae decompression to improved circulation.

Ready to test your massage chair terminology?

Whatever your motivation for purchasing a massage chair, know the terminology before you enter the store, and you will improve both your shopping and ownership experience exponentially. In the meantime, take a look at our selection of Infinity Massage Chairs by visiting our Wellis New England location soon!

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