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Luxurious products
to help you feel great and live well.
Luxurious products
to help you feel great and live well.

Is a Luxury Massage Chair Worth the Money?

Is a Luxury Massage Chair Worth the Money?

Having a top-of-the-line massage chair at home may sound amazing… because it is! But even so, is a luxury massage chair worth the money? The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” and here’s why.

A Massage Chair is an Investment in Your Health and Wellness. But Is a Luxury Massage Chair Worth the Money?

Reduce Your Stress

Between responsibilities at work to family obligations to the daily hustle and bustle of life (staying on top of house chores, grocery shopping, appointments, volunteering, unexpected emergencies), it’s easy for stress to overwhelm us. Stress not only exhausts our minds but our bodies as well, creating a domino effect that leads to more pain and stress.

Provide Pain Relief and Recovery

Are your back and shoulders aching even though you haven’t lifted anything heavy lately? Hours at a desk and tension in our shoulders builds up over time, and an aching back and shoulders is often a sign of many mental burdens. Would it be nice to massage that stiffness away and make your shoulders light again?

Or maybe you’re on the go all the time. You could be on your feet for hours at a time, constantly in motion to do something, or going up and down stairs, whether at work or running after kids or both. Feet get sore and legs begin to feel worn out. Wouldn’t it be great to sit for just a few minutes and let your feet and legs get some much-needed rest and recovery?

Improve Your Sleep and Movement

Relaxing and providing relief for tired, aching muscles has multiple benefits, including better sleep and an improved range of motion. 

Soreness can make it incredibly hard to sleep, robbing you and your body of the rest it needs to recover and take on the next day.

Not only does this make you more exhausted, but your body becomes even stiffer, too. This can make daily life even harder to tackle. How can you bend down to put groceries away or pick up your kid if you wince every time you do?

The more your muscles relax, the better you sleep and the better you move. You feel more rejuvenated and your body is ready for the responsibilities of the day ahead.

These are just a few examples of what makes a massage chair more than a luxury item. It’s a true investment in your health and wellness.

Invest in an Infinity Massage Chair from Wellis New England

If you’re in need of reducing stress in your lift and providing relief to sore muscles and joints, an Infinity™ Massage Chair is a worthwhile investment. The company behind Infinity Massage Chairs lives and breathes wellness; each chair is specifically designed to provide and enhance wellness, so you can go on to live a healthier and happier life. 

At Wellis New England, we exclusively offer the following Infinity Massage Chairs:

  • Aura
  • Prelude
  • Smart Chair X3
  • IT 8500
  • Genesis MAX

Don’t keep asking yourself, “Is a luxury massage chair worth the money?” To find the right massage chair for your needs and lifestyle, stop by today! We’re more than happy to go over your options and let you test the chairs to find the best fit for you.

Let’s Talk! Contact our expert team today. It’s our pleasure to discuss our products with you and answer any questions you may have.

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