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Luxurious products
to help you feel great and live well.

Infrared Saunas and Cardiovascular Health: How to Improve Your Heart Health

Infrared Saunas and Cardiovascular Health: How to Improve Your Heart Health

Do you experience cardiovascular struggles but don’t already own infrared saunas? This is likely a HUGE missed opportunity to improve your cardiovascular health. 

While our health will, of course, decline as we get older, there are things we can do here and now to help ensure we stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Exercise and eating well are the first go-to’s when talking with your doctor about these issues, but you should also consider purchasing an infrared sauna from Wellis New England to help.

Infrared Saunas Increase Blood Flow

An infrared sauna works by generating infrared heat that will penetrate the body at a deeper level than a typical sauna. This deep heat penetration raises our body’s temperature causing our blood vessels to expand. 

Expanded blood vessels make it easier for our blood to flow freely throughout the body. This free and easy blood flow provides the opportunity for several cardiovascular health improvements. 

Lower Blood Pressure

Since your blood vessels are more open, your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood throughout the body. This will lower your blood pressure in the moment.

Regular use of an infrared sauna over time will keep your blood pressure lower. Since your body is routinely “clearing the path” for blood to flow through your veins, it will be consistently easier for your body to do this job. 

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

In addition to lower blood pressure, the free movement of blood around the body will also improve the lining of your blood vessels. Things like plaque will become less of an issue, thus lowering your risk of heart disease. 

Reduced Inflammation 

With all your blood flowing freely and easily through your body, you will also experience reduced inflammation due to oxygen and healing properties that flow in your blood. Since inflammation is tied to heart health as well, less means your heart is healthier. 

Infrared Saunas Can Lower Stress

We know that chronic stress has a negative impact on our health and well-being. We also likely know that slowing down and grounding ourselves can help to reduce stress levels. 

Taking time to sit and relax in your infrared sauna each day creates a space for us to relax. The infrared rays reducing inflammation will help with any pain or discomfort we might be experiencing. Both of these things reduce our stress levels.

Since stress is directly related to heart health, having less of it will also improve our heart health in the long term. 

Wellis New England has Perfect Infrared Saunas for You

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to improve your health and wellness this year, a stop by Wellis New England will open your eyes to new and relaxing ways to achieve those goals. 

Whether you are in the market for a sauna, swim spa, hot tub, or massage chair, we have something to help you relax and heal your body so that you can continue to meet those wellness goals. 

Our consultants are available to help you navigate what might be the best luxury option for you to add to your home. We cannot wait to help you be your best self. 

Let’s Talk! Contact our expert team today. It’s our pleasure to discuss our products with you and answer any questions you may have.

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