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Luxurious products
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How to Get Snow Off Your Spa Cover

A swimmer sits in a Wellis hot tub in the midst of a snowy landscape. Using hot tubs and swim spas like these in winter requires knowledge of how to remove snow from a spa cover.

As the weather turns frostier, your hot tub or swim spa will pop into your mind more quickly and frequently as a means of relief. That being the case, your spa cover should be a close second thought. 

As the temperatures fall to their famous New England lows, you can count on the snow loads falling in equal proportions. Never fear. Your spa cover is built for the challenge and will help keep your spa clean and functional as long as you keep it clean and functional as well.

The Purpose of Your Spa Cover

Each of the spas we sell at Wellis New England comes with a Thermo cover made from synthetic leather. Its purpose is twofold: to keep anything and anyone from falling into the spa when it’s not being used and to conserve the heat within the tub, thus reducing your energy consumption. 

When your spa cover is properly used and maintained, it keeps your spa clean, safe, and efficient. 

Spa Cover Maintenance for Winter

With your hot tub or swim spa’s health depending so much on the spa cover, you’ll need to take special care when snow loads make their temporary home on the cover throughout the winter. Specifically, you’ll need to closely monitor snow accumulation and be mindful of the tools you use when removing snow.

Whatever you do, don’t try to lift a cover with the snow accumulation still on it. Doing so puts the cover, the spa, and, most importantly, yourself in danger of harm under the load.

Why Monitor Snowfall on Your Spa Cover?

When winter settles into this part of the country, snow can hit us heavily and quickly. The good news in these situations is that your spa cover is strong and built to sustain a reasonable amount of snow. However, you don’t want to let any more than a few inches of snow rest on the cover for too long.

The cover may sag if too much snow and ice accumulate on it. This, in turn, causes the cover’s seal to loosen around the tub, allowing heat to escape. When heat escapes, the spa has to work harder to maintain the proper temperature, resulting in higher energy costs. If you could lose your phone in the mound of snow that’s built up on your spa cover, take that as your cue to give it a good brushing.

Tools to Use and Tools to Avoid

When it comes to banishing the snow from your spa cover, it doesn’t require any fancy equipment. That doesn’t mean, however, that any old snow-removing implement will do. 

Your best bet is to use a soft bristle brush or snow broom to gently sweep snow off of the cover. Don’t use scrapers, shovels, or anything with sharp edges to remove the snow. This could puncture or tear the cover’s fabric which, consequently, could cause more costly damage as more snow and moisture gather on it throughout the winter.

Just because a shovel isn’t a good companion for your cover doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep one on hand. You should, indeed, have a reliable snow shovel handy so you can clear a path for yourself to, from, and around your spa. A clear walk around your spa will make the task of cleaning off your cover much easier.

Spa Covers for Your Hot Tub or Swim Spa

One of the main advantages to owning a hot tub or swim spa from Wellis New England is that you can use it during the winter, provided it’s well maintained. Your spa cover is your number one ally in that endeavor. Be sure to give it the appropriate attention as snowy weather heads your way.

Contact us or visit our showroom in Brookfield, Connecticut, today. Our expert team will be happy to give you tips on spa cover maintenance that will help keep your spa sporting its luxury look and operation.

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