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How Does a Swim Spa Help Heal Injuries?

Outdoor shot of a swimmer using a Wellis Swim Spa. Certain swimming exercises can be useful when answering the question "How Does a Swim Spa Help Heal Injuries?"

You pursue an active, physically fit lifestyle in various ways, including your swim spa. But what happens if you push too hard? Before long, you’ll ask, “How does a swim spa help heal injuries?” 

Have no fear. At Wellis New England, we’ve seen firsthand how swim spas provide a unique opportunity for physical rehabilitation. Between the vigorous training regimens to the high-performance hydrotherapy, your swim spa can offer you a great deal on your journey to recovery.

As a general rule, you should always consult your healthcare provider before beginning any type of physical therapy.

How Does a Swim Spa Help Heal Injuries?: Some Practical Tips

Unlike other forms of exercise, the water resistance and buoyancy makes it easy for people to move around and perform exercises that help heal injuries. Here, we share some wisdom on how swim spas can help heal a variety of injuries, as well as a few exercises people can do in their swim spas to get started.

The Science Behind Swim Spa Healing

Swim spas offer a combination of water resistance and buoyancy that makes them ideal for injury treatment. This combination effectively helps to reduce the stress on an injured joint or muscle, which in turn reduces inflammation and pain associated with the injury. 

This low-impact environment also allows you to perform exercises without putting too much strain on your body, allowing for quicker recovery times.  

Injuries That Benefit Most From Swim Spa Physical Rehabilitation 

Swim spa physical rehabilitation is especially beneficial for injuries related to overuse such as tendonitis, rotator cuff tears, shin splints, and ACL tears. It can also be used to treat injuries resulting from accidents or surgery.

As stated above, you should always talk with your doctor to determine if swim spa use is a good fit for your injury’s treatment. But if you have access to a swim spa, by all means, bring it up in the conversation. You may be surprised to hear your doctor say, “Oh, you have a swim spa? That’s great! Let’s talk about how it can help you.”

Swim Spa Exercise Examples for Injury Healing 

The exercises performed in a swim spa provide low-impact resistance while helping the user build strength, stability, flexibility, and coordination. Examples of these helpful exercises include… 

  • walking against the water current for balance training
  • leg extensions for enhanced range of motion and strengthening muscles around the joints
  • arm circles for shoulder health
  • aqua jogging to improve aerobic endurance
  • squats or lunges to work on lower body and core strength. 

Swim Spas for Your Healing and Overall Wellness

So how does a swim spa help heal injuries? In numerous ways. As illustrated by the examples listed above, swim spa activity can be an effective treatment option thanks to the low-impact, high-resistance environment they provide. Whether you’re dealing with tendonitis from too much weightlifting, recovery from back surgery, or just want to improve your overall physical health, you owe it to yourself to discuss such a regimen with your doctor. 

Even if your body is performing at its best, a swim spa can help keep you in shape by promoting flexibility, muscle tone, workout recovery, and cardiovascular/respiratory health, not to mention the numerous mental wellness benefits they encourage. 

So, here’s the question for all you wellness seekers in the Brookfield, Connecticut, area: Why wait any longer? Take advantage of this powerful form of therapy by contacting us at Wellis New England today. We’ll get you started on your journey back to optimal health by acquainting you with our selection of Wellis Swim Spas as well as relevant maintenance and care products.

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