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A person sitting in an Infinity Massage Chair closes their eyes while enjoying a decompressing back massage. Spinal decompression and stress reduction are two of many massage chair health benefits.
Top 5 Infinity Massage Chair Health Benefits
A massage chair is so much more than an elaborate piece of furniture. This becomes abundantly clear when...
A swimmer exercises with the help of rowing gear attachments inside a Wellis Swim Spa.
5 Accessories that Enhance Your Swim Spa Workout
A swim spa from Wellis New England offers you the best of both worlds: a low-impact, high-resistance...
A runner stretches their quadricep muscles on a sunlit bridge. Enhanced Flexibility and Range of Motion are just one of the reasons runners love massage chairs.
5 Reasons Runners Love Massage Chairs
With all the research out there proclaiming the health benefits of running, it’s easy to forget that...
A swimmer sitting up against the side of a hot tub. There are multiple upper and lower body stretches to try in your hot tub from a position such as this.
6 Stretches to Try in Your Hot Tub
The targeted hydrotherapy from a Wellis® hot tub is an effective remedy for stiff, sore muscles. Take...
Close up on a layer of skin covered with droplets of sweat. Heated environments that cause sweating, like saunas and hot tubs, pertain to the question "What are heat shock proteins?"
What are heat shock proteins and how do they improve wellness?
At first, it may be surprising to hear yourself ask “What are heat shock proteins?” while browsing saunas...
A woman wrapped in a white towel opens the door to a Jacuzzi Sanctuary Full Spectrum Sauna. Researching the impacts of infrared heat helps you decide if a Far Infrared or Full Spectrum Sauna is best for you.
Is a Far Infrared or Full Spectrum Sauna Best?
Wellis New England’s selection of ClearlightⓇ Saunas come in either far infrared or full spectrum sauna...
A family of three enjoys a sunny day in a swim spa from Wellis New England.
Top 4 Ways to Enjoy Your Swim Spa This Summer
A swim spa is one of the most versatile additions you can make to your backyard environment. It has the...
Couple soaking in their hot tub backyard oasis
How to Turn Your Home Into a Relaxing Oasis
Is the stress of life getting to you? Instead of dreaming of getting away for a week or two, consider...
Learn more about hot tub jets
Everything You Need to Know About Hot Tub Jets
While every hot tub has jets, not all jets are created equal. But how can you tell the difference and...
Is a Luxury Massage Chair Worth the Money?
Is a Luxury Massage Chair Worth the Money?
Having a top-of-the-line massage chair at home may sound amazing… because it is! But even so, is a luxury...

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