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Luxurious products
to help you feel great and live well.
Luxurious products
to help you feel great and live well.


man in a swim spa with rowing equipment accessories
Swim Spa Accessories: Tools to Enhance Your Aquatic Exercise
In your research of swim spas, you may have found that they offer a multitude of perks, the top being...
Close up of a bather relaxing in a swim spa while talking with friends.
7 Activities to Do in a Swim Spa That Don’t Involve Swimming
A swim spa is a fantastic way to combine the benefits of a swimming pool and a hot tub into one convenient...
Two parents and a child sit in the hot tub section of a Wellis Swim Spa. The unique opportunity to spend time with family in the backyard is one reason why kids love swim spas.
5 Reasons Why Kids Love Swim Spas
If you’re wondering why kids love swim spas, it’s a legitimate question. It’s not like kids...
Outdoor shot of a swimmer using a Wellis Swim Spa. Certain swimming exercises can be useful when answering the question "How Does a Swim Spa Help Heal Injuries?"
How Does a Swim Spa Help Heal Injuries?
You pursue an active, physically fit lifestyle in various ways, including your swim spa. But what happens...
Medium shot of a swimmer in a swim spa surrounded by a wooden deck. When wondering "Can I use my swim spa in winter," the answer is yes if you keep warm, balanced water circulating through it.
Can I Use My Swim Spa in Winter?
If you’re planning to surprise a special someone with a swim spa this year, you’re likely...
Medium shot of a couple seated in their home. One person sits in an Infinity Massage Chair while the other sits in a cushioned chair. Infinity Massage Chairs are one of the wellness solutions you can bring home during the holidays to improve your overall well-being.
4 Wellness Gifts That Keep on Giving
What’s the best gift you can give during the holidays? Wellness gifts! Our suggestion: put the cookies...
A swimmer sits in a Wellis hot tub in the midst of a snowy landscape. Using hot tubs and swim spas like these in winter requires knowledge of how to remove snow from a spa cover.
How to Get Snow Off Your Spa Cover
As the weather turns frostier, your hot tub or swim spa will pop into your mind more quickly and frequently...
Is it too cold to use my swim spa?
Is it too cold to use my swim spa?
With winter marching ever closer to us, you’re probably wondering, “When is it too cold to use my swim...
Swimming for low-impact exercise
6 Benefits of Low-Impact Exercise
Most often, we hear how much low-impact exercise relieves your joints. However, there are so many other...
Two tall, clear glasses on a table contain water infused with lime, raspberries, and fresh herbs. Infused water and other summer drinks like these are good for after your spa soak.
6 Summer Drinks Perfect for After Your Spa Soak
Summer is a time to delight in the things that rejuvenate you: sunshine, warmth, and, of, course, summer...

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