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A person blows their nose while wrapped in a blanket. Hot tubs are effective at helping combat cold symptoms like congestion and fatigue.
How Hot Tubs Help with Cold Symptoms
When you think of hot tubs, what do you see? A person resting effortlessly in a private aquatic paradise?...
Close up on a layer of skin covered with droplets of sweat. Heated environments that cause sweating, like saunas and hot tubs, pertain to the question "What are heat shock proteins?"
What are heat shock proteins and how do they improve wellness?
At first, it may be surprising to hear yourself ask “What are heat shock proteins?” while browsing saunas...
Two tall, clear glasses on a table contain water infused with lime, raspberries, and fresh herbs. Infused water and other summer drinks like these are good for after your spa soak.
6 Summer Drinks Perfect for After Your Spa Soak
Summer is a time to delight in the things that rejuvenate you: sunshine, warmth, and, of, course, summer...
Two people sitting in a London Spa from Wellis Spa's City Line on a summer evening. Spas like these are one way Wellis New England answers the question "Can you use a hot tub in summer?"
Can you use a hot tub in summer?
A common question we hear at Wellis New England is “Can you use a hot tub in summer?” The answer is a...
Close-up on someone's feet in the rolling water of a hot tub. A hydro massage in warm water is a good way to reduce joint pain in your spa.
How Using a Spa Provides Joint Pain Relief
Our bodies endure so much that requires joint pain relief: repetitive manual labor, sports injuries,...

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