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Luxurious products
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Can you use a hot tub in summer?

Two people sitting in a London Spa from Wellis Spa's City Line on a summer evening. Spas like these are one way Wellis New England answers the question "Can you use a hot tub in summer?"

A common question we hear at Wellis New England is “Can you use a hot tub in summer?” The answer is a resounding yes! With proper care, you can use a hot tub all year long. Depending on your circumstances, you may even prefer a hot tub to a pool for your summer cool-off ritual.  

If you are still on the fence about it, here are some fun, practical reasons to make the most of your hot tub in the warmest months of the year.

Hot tubs are an efficient way to cool down

“Why on earth would I want to get into a hot tub when the weather is already scorching hot?” That’s a fair question. The good news is that high-quality hot tubs, like our Wellis® spas, offer a range of temperatures that provide both the warm, soothing soaks we typically associate with hot tubs as well as the more temperate swim temperatures we associate with a standard swimming pool. Water temperatures in the low to mid-80s are more than sufficient for producing that cool relief from the summer sun.

Hot tubs are great for summer fun

Want to maximize those fun summer days when the kids are out of school? Make memories to last a lifetime in your own backyard. And don’t forget to grab a camera! You’ll love the reminder of these days when your kids were young.

Retreat to your Wellis hot tub together for some fun family games. From a floating table and waterproof cards like Uno Splash to rubber duck races, the sky’s the limit on the fun you can have together.

Or, gather your kids and their friends for an aquatic Olympics competition! Play the theme song, have your score boards ready, and get ready to have a blast. You can dream up endless events to do together in and around your hot tub.

Hot tubs are a fun form of nighttime entertainment

Can you use a hot tub in summer?

A London Spa from Wellis New England includes LED lights you can program to shine in multiple colors.

One of the best qualities of hot tubs is that they keep you warm even when the outdoor temperatures go down. So, when those cooler summer nights in New England roll around, your fun in the water can continue!

As if the programmable climate isn’t impressive enough, your spa can also be a stunning light display. A London spa from Wellis’ CityLine series, for instance, is equipped with LED lights that illuminate the water in a variety of colors so you can still party after dark (and when those Fourth of July fireworks are over). 

So can you use a hot tub in summer?

As demonstrated by the examples above, the better question to ask is “Why not use a hot tub in summer?” Wellis New England has a variety of hot tubs that are perfect for your summer backyard getaway. Come discover the right model for you by scheduling your private test soak in our beautiful showroom. You’ll be able to see just how wonderful a Wellis spa can be for your summer full of fun.

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