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Luxurious products
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6 Stretches to Try in Your Hot Tub

A swimmer sitting up against the side of a hot tub. There are multiple upper and lower body stretches to try in your hot tub from a position such as this.

The targeted hydrotherapy from a Wellis® hot tub is an effective remedy for stiff, sore muscles. Take your recovery one step further with a few stretches to try in your hot tub. Both the buoyancy and warmth you experience in the water will help you elongate and extend your muscles while reducing stress on your joints.

If you’re a little nervous about turning your hot tub sessions into a form of exercise, don’t be. Simple stretches done regularly are all it takes for you to see positive results in your overall mobility and comfort.

Here, we provide a list of six stretches to try in your hot tub. But first, let’s cover some stretching basics that you should apply in any environment.

Stretching Basics

Warm up first. You never want to stretch a cold muscle. Doing so puts you at risk for pulls and tears. The heated water will get you started, but don’t leave the job completely up to the hot tub. Once you enter the tub, make some simple, repetitive movements (e.g., bending your knees, kicking your legs, moving your arms back and forth, etc.). 

Hold your stretches. You should hold your stretches for 20 to 30 seconds, taking long, rhythmic breaths throughout. 

Don’t overdo it. You should stretch to the point where you feel challenged but not in pain. A little discomfort is normal. If you feel pain, though, lessen the extent of the stretch. Otherwise, you may tear the muscle.

Keep things even. Be sure to perform the same stretch on both the right and left sides of your body to keep your range of motion as even as possible. 

Stretches to Try in Your Hot Tub.

Once you’ve warmed up in the water, you’re ready to stretch. Below are some upper and lower body stretches that you can perform seated in your hot tub.

Upper Body Stretches

1. Upper Back Stretch. Extend your arms fully. Then, wrap them around your chest until your fingertips touch your shoulder blades. Notice how the stretch deepens as you inhale and loosens as you exhale.

2. Trunk Turns. Inhale as you sit up tall and straight. Place one hand on the side of the hot tub and your other hand on the outside of the opposite knee. Exhale and gently twist your spine toward the hand that is holding the side of the tub. 

3. Lower Back and Hip Stretch. From a seated position, lift your foot and rest the ankle of that foot on the opposite knee. Inhale as you elongate and straighten your spine. Then, exhale as you lower your chest toward your lifted leg until you feel the stretch in your lower back and hip. Be sure to keep your spine straight the entire time. 

Lower Body Stretches

4. Ankle Rotations. Extend one leg out into the water. Move your foot in a circular motion several times, making sure to switch directions halfway through. 

5. Knee Squeeze. This is another good stretch for your lower back and hips. Lift your knee toward your chest. Wrap one or both arms around it to hug it closer to your torso. Again, be sure to keep your spine elongated and straight as you hold the stretch (a rounded spine will compromise the stretch). 

6. Hamstring Stretch. Extend one leg into the water and flex that foot until you feel a stretch in your calf. With a neutral spine, lean forward from the hips to the point where you feel your hamstring stretch. 

These examples show that when it comes to stretching environments, it’s hard to beat the warm, relaxing water of your hot tub from Wellis New England. Contact us or visit our showroom today so we can bring you closer to your improved flexibility and quality of life.

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