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Luxurious products
to help you feel great and live well.

5 Tips for Massage Chair Maintenance

Interior shot of a person standing next to a luxury massage chair while holding a fishing pole. Effective massage chair maintenance is essential to keeping a massage chair looking and performing its best.

There’s a lot to love about a luxury massage chair. Not only do they offer a wide variety of wellness benefits, but they’re also relatively easy to maintain. In fact, you probably have everything you need to perform effective massage chair maintenance already in your home. By employing a few simple techniques, you’ll be able to keep your massage chair looking and working its best for several years.

Why Massage Chair Maintenance is Important

At Wellis New England, we know how important your massage chair is in helping you achieve your best physical and mental self. That’s why we drive home the importance of regular massage chair maintenance. It can help reduce the likelihood of problems that arise with extensive use or wear over time. 

All you need to do is follow a few basic tips to ensure the chair’s longevity and maximum performance. 

1. Keep the manufacturer’s instructions.

Always read and follow all massage chair maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer. At Wellis New England, we carry Infinity® Massage Chairs which are known for their high-performance massage as well as their chic, contemporary look. While our expert staff is here to guide you through every stage of your ownership journey (including maintenance), we still recommend keeping the operation and maintenance instructions in a safe place at home.

That way, you’ll always have something to reference should you need brand-specific maintenance information in a pinch. 

2. Use appropriate cleaning products.

Give your chair a thorough cleaning every few weeks or as needed. Before you clean, be sure to disconnect your chair from its power source. Then, wipe your chair down with a soft, dry cloth. Use a vacuum cleaner attachment to safely remove dust particles, pet hair, and other debris. 

Use a slightly dampened cloth with a neutral cleaning solution for spot removal. Be sure to test the cleaning solution on a small, inconspicuous area first. Finally, let it air dry. Avoid using corrosives (e.g., alcohol, benzine, thinners, etc.) as these can discolor, crack, or erode the synthetic leather.

3. Avoid sharp objects.

While it can be tempting to plop into your massage chair after a long day, stop yourself and ask yourself this first: “What do I have in my pockets?” Because those moments when you forget about your car keys will not feel good for you or the chair.

Don’t let anyone sit on your massage chair with sharp or hard objects in their pockets as these can cause damage to the massage chair’s upholstery and internal components. 

4. Protect the chair from direct sunlight.

It’s best not to position your chair where it will be hit with direct sunlight. This, over time, will cause fading in the chair’s upholstery. If you do place it in an area that gets significant sunlight, cover the chair with a throw blanket when it’s not being used. This will help preserve the fabric’s color. 

5. Inspect cables and wires.

Your massage chair is, after all, an electric appliance. Therefore, you want to regularly inspect massage chair cables and wires for any signs of fraying or damage, as this could lead to issues if left unchecked. 

Wellness for Your Massage Chair

Your massage chair does a lot to promote your wellness, so give it a little TLC in return. You’ll be amazed just how far a little effort can go in keeping your chair in mint condition. 

At Wellis New England, we know that when your massage chair works well, you work well. Your physical and mental well-being are just too precious to see it any other way. That’s why we’re always happy to help our neighbors around Brookfield, Connecticut, with tips and tools to keep their massage chairs looking and performing like new. Contact us or visit our showroom today and give yourself the gift of elevated wellness.

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