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Luxurious products
to help you feel great and live well.

5 Things to Do Before Your Hot Tub Soak

Close up of a rolled up, yellow towel, a white lily, and a small aromatherapy candle rest on a bamboo mat. Gathering products like these before your hot tub soak are one way to enhance the experience.

Your hot tub soak can be the best part of your day. But who’s to say that it can’t be even better — especially with a hot tub from Wellis New England with all its special features? Those who make hot tub enjoyment and hydrotherapy a regular practice understand that the quality of the experience begins with them. By incorporating a few basic actions into your hot tub program, you enhance both the overall environment and your capacity to appreciate it.

Your Hot Tub Soak is About Self-Care

Hot tubs are meant to increase people’s general sense of wellness that affects how they perceive themselves and others. But sometimes, after using a hot tub for a while, they can fall into a pattern of mindless motions that gets in the way of optimal enjoyment. 

This is normal. As your soaks become more routine, you may go on autopilot a bit and respond less to the small details that first drew you to the experience. No worries! There are plenty of ways to enhance your routine, so you continue advancing your wellness goals. The first critical step is remembering that your hot tub soak is about self-care. Take a moment to identify your intentions for the time you spend in the tub. Then, proceed mindful of the fact that, whether you’re alone or with loved ones, the environment is there to support your best self.

Personalize Your Soak Through Sensory Details

Once you’ve clarified your intentions for your hot tub soak, personalize your experience further by performing the following steps.

1. Hydrate Yourself

Hydration is essential not just to your enjoyment of your hot tub but your safety in it as well. Your soak will make you sweat. Therefore, you need to make sure your body has ample fluid to see you through the experience. We recently published a blog about drinks to enjoy after your soak. Many of these same drinks make tasty pre-soak beverages, too.

2. Prepare Your Hot Tub Playlist

Yes, the sound of rolling water in your hot tub is among the most soothing sounds you can hear. But sometimes your ears just thirst for some comforting music in the background. It’s a good thing multiple Wellis® hot tub models come with a Bluetooth® compatible speaker system! So, load your device with your favorite wind-down tunes.  

3. Put Your Phone on Standby

It’s fine to have your mobile ally nearby (you need it for the music, after all). But if you really want some high-quality decompression time, switch your phone to “Do Not Disturb” mode. You spend plenty of time on texts, emails, and video chats during the day. Give your brain the break it needs by unplugging while you’re in the water.

4. Put on Comfy Hot Tub Attire

Your soak will be so much more rewarding if you dress comfortably. Make sure whatever bathing suits you wear are neither too loose nor too tight. Have supportive slip-on shoes nearby for when you exit the tub. And, of course, have a warm, soft towel ready to wrap around yourself when your soak is complete.

5. Gather Your Aromatherapy Goodies

Scent is so powerful in cuing your relaxation. So, treat your nostrils to a little aromatherapy during your soak, and observe how much more you unwind. Know that aromatherapy products comprise so much more than candles, including special spa additives that won’t disrupt the water chemistry.

How Will You Prepare for Your Hot Tub Soak?

Whether you employ all of these tips at once or start out with a new drink for your hydration routine, there are countless ways to keep your hot tub soak stimulating. Contact Wellis New England and ask how other hot tub owners enhance their experience prior to use. We’re happy to brainstorm new, effective approaches for you.

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