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5 Accessories that Enhance Your Swim Spa Workout

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A swimmer exercises with the help of rowing gear attachments inside a Wellis Swim Spa.

A swim spa from Wellis New England offers you the best of both worlds: a low-impact, high-resistance workout, and a restorative hydrotherapy experience. What could possibly be better than that? The answer is “Plenty!”

There are several economical accessories that will take your swim spa workout routine from good to great. Here, we list five such accessories that can enhance your exercise and/or make your recovery more blissful. 

  1. Swim Spa Exercise Equipment
  2. Audio Player and Speakers
  3. Lighting
  4. Side Tray
  5. Aromatherapy Products

1. Swim Spa Exercise Equipment

Swim spas are especially useful in that they enable you to swim against programmable currents. That means you can swim the same number of strokes as you would in an Olympic-sized pool within the compact space of the swim spa!

If you want to vary and instensify your swim spa exercise, consider adding some specially designed enhancements such as…

Swim Training Tether

A swim training belt and tether consists of an elastic band attached to a belt that fastens around your waist. The other end of the band is anchored to a secure point at the edge of the swim spa. The band’s resistance helps keep you in place as you perform different movements in the water (e.g., breaststroke, backstroke, running, etc.).

Rowing Gear

This is a system of carabiners, expander cords, and paddle attachments configured in your swim spa that simulates a rowing experience. 

Aqua Bike

An aqua bike is just what it sounds like. It’s an exercise bike for your spa! You get the same cardio workout with the added benefit of water resistance.

2. Audio Player and Speakers

No workout is complete without a proper playlist. Wellis accounts for that fact by including the AquaSoul™ Pro 4.1 Sound System in each swim spa model. This system comprises a four-channel amplifier with BluetoothⓇ compatibility, two built-in speakers, two popup speakers, and a built-in subwoofer.

With the sound system built in, all you have to do is bring the tunes! Have your wireless device nearby and load it with at least two playlists: one for exercising and one for relaxing afterward.

3. Lighting

Ambiance is key whether you’re working out or decompressing in your swim spa. Therefore, you should have great lighting at the ready for those swims after dark. Wellis’ Rio-Grande W-Flow features multicolored LED lighting around the tub’s perimeter. The best part is that you can switch colors in between activities. Maybe you want a bright yellow for the fast-paced swimming and a serene blue for the cool down. Whatever your preference, you have control.

4. Side Tray

You’ll need a place where you can easily store and access your water bottle, towel, and bathrobe. A side tray is a perfect solution for that. These inexpensive trays fit onto the rim of the tub and are easily removed when your spa session is done. 

What’s more, they are just as useful when you want to throw those hot tub parties in between workouts. A side tray will make it so your guests don’t have to hold their beverages the entire time they’re in the water.

5. Aromatherapy Products

Effective recovery is just as vital to your workout practice as the exercise portion. Therefore, investigate ways to elevate the hydrotherapy experience in your swim spa. One simple strategy is to add aromatherapy to the equation.

There are numerous methods to incorporate aromatherapy into your spa environment — from candles to diffusers to potpourri. You can even buy specialty spa aromatherapy liquids that are water-soluble and won’t disturb the spa’s water chemistry.

Your Ultimate Swim Spa Workout

Whatever swim spa adventures lie ahead for you, the dedicated experts at Wellis New England are here to help you get the best workout possible. Visit our showroom today and ask how the various features of a Wellis Swim Spa will boost your body and mind.

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