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4 Reasons a Massage Chair is a Real Treat

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A person in an Infinity Massage Chair looks up at another person smiling in an indoor living area.

What do you do when you’re given everybody’s favorite marching orders, “Treat yourself?” Have you ever considered spending some time in a massage chair? If not, your body and mind are probably feeling the consequences.

Indeed, a massage chair can feel indulgent. But, it delivers so many direct benefits to your physical and mental wellness that it would be wrong to think of it as merely extravagant fun. Those who use a massage chair regularly know it is just as delightful and even more beneficial to your health than a new party outfit or an extra dollop of whipped cream with chocolate drizzle.

The V.I.P. Massage Chair Treatment 

At Wellis New England, we connect clients to a premium massage experience by carrying Infinity™ Massage Chairs. Known for their high-performance massage features and exceptional style, Infinity Massage Chairs represent an elegant combination of elements that make their users feel like V.I.P.s. 

A session in one of these massage chairs is a treat for many reasons. Here are four of our favorites:

  1. Powerful Back Rollers
  2. Restorative Recliner
  3. Luxurious Foot and Calf Massage
  4. “Feel Good” Chemistry

1. Powerful Back Rollers

We know how much daily stress and fatigue burrow into our back, neck, and shoulders. This is where Infinity Massage chairs are champions. A system of massage rollers housed in the chair’s interior move up and down your spine, releasing tension and pain from your muscles.

The rollers are configured onto a track that takes one of two shapes: an “S” or an “L.” In an S-track, the rollers contact your back from your neck to your tailbone. In a L-track, the rollers move from your neck, past your tailbone, and onto your glutes and hamstrings. Whatever track you choose, the rollers are programmable, giving you control over how much pressure they apply to your body.

2. Restorative Recliner

Sometimes your back needs more than a rub. It needs a good, elevated stretch as well. That’s why each Infinty Massage Chair model contains a range of recline positions. 

No, these aren’t like the old-school recliners you remember collecting dust in front of the TV. These chairs recline to elevate your feet, decompress your vertebrae, and give the occasional stretch to your backside. 

3. Luxurious Foot and Calf Massage

Next to a shoulder and back rub, what treatment do you most often long for after a tough day? A foot rub. Infinity Massage Chairs go for true luxury status by incorporating shiatsu rollers in the footrests of most of their models to deliver an effective reflexology treatment. 

And the relief doesn’t stop there. Air bags in the leg rests provide a soothing compression massage to your calf muscles as your back and feet enjoy the magic touch of the rollers.

4. “Feel Good” Chemistry

When your body experiences so much high-quality massage at once, your brain will respond with gratitude. Deep-tissue massage, like the kind you get in an Infinity Massage Chair, stimulates the production of dopamine and serotonin (a.k.a. the “feel good” chemicals) in your brain.  

When your brain chemistry cues you to feel good, you experience less stress, boosted mood, and improved sleep — all of which contribute to an overall better quality of life. 

Treat Yourself

Between the programmable roller system, the recline capabilities, and the stabilizing air bags, Infinity Massage Chairs are poised to rejuvenate your body and mind on a regular basis.

At Wellis New England, we carry five Infinity Massage Chair models:

Contact us or visit our showroom today. With the seasons about to change, now is the time to treat yourself to a new wellness experience for your home.

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